Migrating hosts

UPDATE: I (jasper) have spent hours at configuring the server today. We've done some testing and so far everything is WAY better then before. The bad news: I'm stuck at a problem. The good news: the server is almost finished!
It's 4 am now, so i'll have to continue tomorrow an have some sleep. I'm sorry i couldn't get it done quicker, but just have a little more patience, it's almost done!.

We're currently switching hosts so the server will be offline for a few days.
Everything will stay the same (ip,map,ranks,money,etc..).
We won't be hosting our server with daddycheese (shardgaming) anymore and are switching over to RamNode, a VPS host.
A VPS (or Virtual Personal Server) can be used to make all kinds of servers (minecraft, teamspeak, filesharing etc...) and will give us full access to our minecraft server instead of the limited multicraft panel we had with daddycheese. The price/quality ratio is a lot better and we expect the performance to be as well.

Remember that you can still donate to us and help us out!

Minecraft 1.6!

It's finally here! We just updated our server to the latest minecraft version (1.6.2). We have a whole new world for you to discover! We didn't touch your rank or your money and both worlds (old and new one) will run parallel until the 10th of August.
This means you have more than enough time to transfer all your items/buildings. Immortals will not help with transfering your belongings! We suggest you take your time to search for a nice place before you start to transfer all your items.

Apart from the native new minecraft features (horses!) we also added a few new plugins:

  • Chestshop!
  • a Dynmap
  • A great new (homemade) island map!
(All Courier letters have been reset)

M-factor finals!

M-factor finals!

Hello there, Lamahhh here.

As some of you might or might not know, I joined the M-Factor, a building competition. It started out as something for fun that I thought I would be kicked from immediately. Now I landed in the finals and the voting is up to you!

The viewers get to vote! If you want to support me and help me win a sexy controller (that I could really use for some video's I want to make for TehGamingCrew), Go to the link below and vote for Lamahhh! Team Lamah FTW.

Unite and we will march forth as one! Together, we will conquer this treasure!

Vote for me
You can view the finale itself on yeouschlive Also, have a look at my intro video:

Server is back!

The server is back!

It took us a bit longer than first anticipated but we are finally back online!
We added a lot of new permissions and removed some old unused plugins. This should increase the stability of the server and add some new 'content'.

I opened the server without any new plugins added because this will take another week or so. We will add them (like the new shop-plugin) once things are decided and we have a little bit more time.

You can still vote for you favourite shop plugin here and the 2 forum threads I recently made will stay open for a few more weeks.

Go forth and have a great time!

Corrupted Permissions

Corrupted Permissions

The server is currently offline because our permissions file got corrupted.
The latest permissions file dates back to the end of 2012, which is a long time ago. That means that alot of people will have lost their title and alot of work will have to be done to make everything work again.

To me, this looks like the perfect moment to get rid of some plugins and add some new ones (like a backup-plugin)! I made two forum threads, one to ask for your rank, the other for requests (plugins and permissions).

Please vote for your favourite shop plugin here.

I suspect the server will be back online somewhere in the weekend.

Tuur's Creativity Competition

Tuur's Creativity Competition

As I promised I would post something more regularly on our site and so I came up with this idea.
Every once in a while (don't expect it to be very strict) I will post a creation that looks awesome! I deliberately called it a Creativity Competiton because it's not about your building skills or resources (so you won't get creative mode)! The winning creation could be a massive castle, a nice carpet design or a abstract dirt-block painting.
The winner gets a price (obviously)! You and your creation will be featured on the frontpage and you will also get an in-game reward (2500 Euries)!
One little detail: this contest is for mortals only, so you don't have to fear the Immortals, which are literally in creative mode.

Well the first creation I chose is the following:
It was created by a very loyal player called Yenzyne, he has been around for more than a year!
I chose this underwater hallway because of its simplistic beauty.

~tuur29, The Angel of Marriage and Faggotry

Lamahhh's Marriage

Lamahhh's Marriage

Well the party is over and partied we sure did! But after Lamahhh's and Azerzaneth13 (aka Crystal) hectic wedding full of interruptions comes the real test (at least for them).
From now on everyone can get married! Just type /warp wedding and ask one of the admins to wed you in the same place as Lamahhh and Azerzaneth13 did!

Below are some of the pictures straight from their Wedding Album:

~tuur29, The Angel of Marriage and Faggotry


A Wedding!

This is the second wedding on our server so far!
This time The God Lamahhh and Immortal Azerzaneth13 (aka Crystal) are getting married!
The ceremony will start on 18 January 2013 at 22h30 GMT . I will be leading the ceremony and the whole crew will be present. I estimate everything will take an hour and a half (or more). Afterwards we can all party while the newly-wed couple goes on their honeymoon!

Enjoy this picture of the couple! (a more detailed report will be published after the wedding):

~tuur29, The Angel of Marriage and Faggotry
PS: I will start posting more updates regularly on our site, so be sure to tune in!

Christmas Spirit

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

I have a present for you all. Here are some amazing screenshots from our Christmassy spawn!
EDIT: The spawn is back to normal again. What should we do when it's Easter?

Also, here's a bonus: Lamahhh's experiments with sheep!

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